Stay Safe in the Sun This Summer, sponsored by The Baton Rouge Clinic

Here are some tips from the Baton Rouge Clinic’s pediatricians to stay safe while having fun in the sun.

The sun produces the most powerful rays between 10am and 4pm. Sun-protective clothing like swim shirts and hats can help block UV rays best, but sunscreen should also be worn, even on cloudy days.

Sunscreen should be applied at least 30 minutes prior to going outside, and reapplied every 2 hours. When choosing a sunscreen, make sure it has a minimum SPF of 30 and says “broad spectrum” to ensure protection against UVA and UVB rays. Babies under 6 months should be kept out of direct sunlight, but if there is no way to avoid sun exposure, a small amount of sunscreen can be applied.

To make an appointment call Baton Rouge Clinic pediatrician at (225) 246-9290 or click here for more information on sun safety.