[Sponsored] Does your schoolhouse rock? 4 tips for a safe return to school this fall

Sponsored by St. Lukes Episcopal School


It was an unsettling way to end a school year. Remote classes, teachers and parents working together to give children the most normal experience they could muster. This summer, parents worry what the new school year may look like in the fall. With safety measures in place, will it feel at all like it did before? Some schools have created such a warm and nurturing environment that they can maintain the sense of family—even in uncomfortable times.

St. Luke’s Episcopal School has been nurturing Baton Rouge’s children since graduating its first class in 1958. The Goodwood Boulevard campus’s graceful shady trees and flowers provide the ideal setting for learning and discovery. The atmosphere at St. Luke’s is warm and friendly because the teachers believe that students thrive when they feel safe, secure and accepted. The way it should be.

4 tips for a safe return

1. Play it safe. As the new school year approaches, some parents are opting to move their lower and middle school-aged children to schools like St. Luke’s because of the flexibility in small class sizes. This will allow teachers to safely distance students while still keeping the school day routine. The real benefit of smaller classes is the teacher’s ability to quickly recognize each child’s special gifts and needs.

2. Get creative. Creative arts are a wonderful outlet for children to express themselves—especially important after a trying experience like the one they are coping with now. St. Luke’s offers its students a wide variety of enrichment classes including liberal, visual and performing arts, foreign language, and technology.

3. Be yourself. Schools play a big part in connecting the community at large. Children go farther in life when given the opportunity to go to school with classmates from different backgrounds. St Luke’s welcomes all children regardless of race, religion, gender, national or ethnic origin. How bright the future can be when a child learns in an environment so committed to teaching, helping, challenging and nurturing every child, every day.

4. Acknowledge the worries. The start of a school year brings its own anxious excitement, but after COVID-19, children may face more worry. The school counselor at St. Luke’s takes an active role in helping students get through the hard days. She provides resources to both students and parents to help children feel safe and grounded.

There is still time for students to enroll for this fall and benefit from St. Luke’s accelerated academics, nurturing faculty and caring community. Visit the campus to find out if St. Luke’s Episcopal School may be the right environment for your child.
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