[Sponsored] The cost of cancer: How receiving care from a community Oncology practice can ease the financial burden

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Stress is exhausting for the body and mind, and financial worries can affect even the healthiest person. For a patient with cancer, stress can have an adverse impact on their treatment. As they embark on the most frightening and worrisome time of their lives, cancer patients shouldn’t have to worry about money. Cancer treatments can be costly, especially if the patient needs to travel for treatment or are prescribed expensive medications. That financial burden can create enormous stress. It can weaken the patient’s immune system, increase bone pain and exacerbate fatigue. In some cases, the presence of stress can even cause a relapse for those whose cancer had been in remission. Just in the last 18 months, Hematology Oncology Clinic (HOC)  secured over $8 million, with $6 million from grants, totaling $8.2 million in financial aid to patients.

Recognizing that cancer treatment can be intense, complex and span many years, patients can now get personalized care from a community oncology practice. Hematology Oncology Clinic (HOC) helps to ease the financial burden and help ensure its patients are not endangering their health by delaying care, skipping treatments or failing to refill their prescriptions. For over 30 years, HOC has provided exceptional care and access to innovative clinical trials, home delivery of oral cancer medications from a specialty in-house pharmacy, timely labs and pathology reports, and on-site infusion therapy. The practice also offers comprehensive supportive care such as access to care management, nutrition counseling, and much more.

The caring team of doctors at the Hematology Oncology Clinic

With specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders and cancer, HOC serves patients from its offices in Baton Rouge, Hammond and Zachary. Doctors Gerald Miletello,  Christopher McCanless, Michael Castine, III, Pavani Ellipeddi, Lauren Juneja, and Sanjay Juneja keep their practice at Hematology Oncology Clinic. The practice’s highly trained and experienced clinical staff includes exceptional nurse practitioners, oncology certified registered nurses and licensed practical nurses.

5 Benefits of Community Cancer Care

Community-based practices like Hematology Oncology Clinic can be up to 40% cheaper than hospital-based in- or outpatient programs. One of the reasons HOC can help its patients ease financial concerns is its partnership with American Oncology Network (AON). This allows HOC to get medications at much lower rates, a savings they pass along to patients.


1. It’s personal. 

Cancer care is complex and often has to be customized to fit the needs of each individual patient. As a community clinic, HOC can take the time to get to know each person and tailor treatment with support to meet their needs.


2. It goes beyond chemo. 

Cancer patients need support for all aspects of treatment. While HOC provides chemotherapy, biologic therapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy, its specialized oncology care nurses assist patients with managing symptoms, providing nutritional guidance, social work support and financial counseling. HOC believes in treating the whole patient.


3. Care can be affordable. 

Patients who take chemotherapy treatment entirely in a hospital outpatient setting usually incur 34-42% higher costs than patients receiving identical chemotherapy in a community-based practice like HOC. The practice helps control costs while delivering cutting edge treatments to ensure best possible outcomes while reducing financial burdens.


4. Keep it  close to home. 

Cancer patients need to be close to family and friends and able to continue with their daily lives. HOC clinics are in convenient locations with physicians and other providers, in-house laboratory, pathology, infusion and pharmacy services all under one roof.


5. Access to the latest research.

Clinical research trials can provide certain patients with more treatment options. As a strategic research site for Sarah Cannon Research Institute, a global leader in offering community-based clinical trials, HOC provides innovative treatment options to patients throughout Baton Rouge.


HOC has financial counselors to help guide patients through various grants that can help with copays and assistance programs through nonprofit organizations and societies. Drug companies will also supply medications at no cost to HOC patients who meet certain criteria. Visit hocbr.com or call 225.767.0822 for more information.