A local couple is arranging weekly skeleton scenes in their Woodland Ridge yard

Six mysterious skeletons call a yard on Woodland Ridge their home. Once a week they change position and theme, seemingly without any human interaction.

But behind the scenes, it’s a couple that’s manipulating the crew to spark inspiration in their neighborhood.

Jaclyn and Heather Klapperich didn’t grow up with the classic Halloween experience, so they ensured their first neighborhood together had a positive trick-or-treating experience.

It wasn’t until years later that the crew—which they’ve nicknamed Bones Creek—came into their lives. The skeletons were a result of Heather’s trip to Home Depot two years ago.

“My wife came home and said, ‘Hey you’re probably going to make me return these, but I got six skeletons.’ Once we pulled them out and I looked at the price tag, I was like, ‘Yeah we’re definitely going to keep these,’” Jaclyn says.

The name for their new creaky crew was inspired by their home, Jones Creek. The Bones Creek crew took shape after that weekly changing of positions and costumes.



The Klapperichs have had a homecoming week theme, inspired by the Episcopal School of Baton Rouge across the street. This year, they started the fun by pulling out their ’76 Camaro and arranging a “Working at the car wash” theme.

“This week we have a singing competition, Skeleton Idol. We have our judges out there, we have a contestant playing guitar, a spiky-haired host, and a mom there cheering the contestant on,” Jaclyn says.

The neighborhood knows the Klapperichs for their all-out decorations and candy on Halloween night. They pull out all 40 of their skeletons for the big night and hand out full-sized candy bars.

This year, though, they have a small kink in their joints.

“This Halloween depends on whether my wife goes into labor before Halloween. We’re due on Nov. 10,” Jaclyn says.

If they can’t make it, they have a team of skeleton fixer-uppers willing to carry on their work.

“So the good news is we have a precedent to uphold,” Jaclyn says. “So they’ll carry on Halloween without us if for some reason we’re at the hospital.“

If you want to see the skeletons yourself, head to Woodland Ridge off of South Harrells Ferry Road.