Get back to enjoying life without surgery, sponsored by The Spine Center

As a musician and avid sports fan who has experienced back pain himself, Dr. Matthew Neumann of The Spine Center  understands his patients’ desire to continue doing the things they enjoy without discomfort.

Dr. Neumann specializes in injection therapy with a focus on treating pain originating from the spine. “Doctors are still humans, and we have similar hobbies and interests,” he says. “Being able to do things outside of work—social events, playing golf—you can’t do that if you’re in pain.”

For those who have tried anti-inflammatory medications and discovered they don’t provide enough relief, Dr. Neumann can suggest a more lasting, non-invasive treatment. He will meet with the patient to discuss whether they may be a candidate for spinal injections to diagnose and relieve their pain. Read the full article here.