Notable 2019 releases from local bands and musicians

From the editor:

Over the past few months, intern Lynne Bunch has written multiple stories for 225 magazine using distinct language that previously has been published elsewhere, without properly crediting the original authors. 

An editor of one of those publications notified us that this December story contained similar or verbatim language from a series of album reviews written throughout 2019 for The Advocate’s RED

The original 225 story contained descriptions of albums by local bands The Rusty Kid, Loudness War, Baby in the 90s, Tidus, Parish County Line, Marcel P. Black, Sarah Burke and James McCann, Glitchell, The Rakers and The Easy. Much of the text appeared to have been lifted directly from reviews The Advocate published about several of those bands.

Our subsequent further review of Bunch’s work for 225 identified additional content that contained verbatim language published by The Advocate, NOLA.com, The Reveille, BRProud and z100.iheart.com. Where possible, we have edited or properly attributed the content, or we have removed the text in its entirety, in all cases noting for our readers what we changed and why we have done so.  

Repeating distinct phrasing in the absence of crediting the original authors is a form of plagiarism and is a violation of our Ethics & Standards Guide, as well as basic journalistic principles. We sincerely apologize to our readers, as well as to the original writers and publishers of the content.

This story was updated January 14, 2020.