New Zac Efron movie prepares to film in Baton Rouge

The Iron Claw, a scripted film about professional wrestling starring Zac Efron, is preparing to film in Baton Rouge.

The Baton Rouge Film Commission on Wednesday put out a call for crew members to work on a new project. Commission Executive Director Katie Pryor confirmed the name of the project but was not authorized to say more. Officials who work with the film industry typically sign agreements limiting the information they can divulge.

However, the entertainment industry media has reported some of the details. The film will be based on the true story of the Von Erichs, a prominent wrestling family with a tragic history.

Efron, whose career has ranged from kid-friendly projects like High School Musical to a biopic about serial killer Ted Bundy, is set to star. A24, a prominent independent studio, will finance and produce the picture and Sean Durkin will direct.

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