New developments at Basis Materra excite staff, students and parents, sponsored by Take Note

What does the future hold for Basis Materra Baton Rouge? Building, expanding and excelling. The school is currently K–8 and plans to add 9th grade next year. In the near future, they will have a full K–12 campus.

The school will acquire new students from its sister campus, Basis Mid City, which consists of students in grades K–5, who will transition to Basis Materra for 6th grade and beyond. In addition, a new building will open next August to house 6th–12th grades.

Jared Lamb, Head of School at Basis Materra, says it’s exciting “to just be in a building … fully built out and aligned with the academic program that Basis offers.” The new building will include major renovations, including a state-of-the-art science lab. Staff, parents and students are looking forward to celebrating the first graduating classes at Basis Materra. Click here for more information on the future of Basis Materra.