LSU grads launch ‘Airbnb-style’ app for parking

Two recent LSU grads have launched Pali, an app that helps property owners who want to rent out space for parking connect with people who are looking for parking.

“It’s basically an Airbnb-style parking app,” says Jonathan Farnet, CEO and co-founder of Pali, which is pronounced pal-eye.

You might also think of it as the digital version of standing outside your house with a sign offering to let someone park in your yard for $20. People with a parking spot to offer can list it on the app, where people looking for parking can find it.

While the app is always live, Farnet expects big events such as LSU football games will induce the most demand. For now, Farnet and Mark Champagne, Pali’s COO and co-founder, plan to focus on Baton Rouge and possibly New Orleans, with an eye toward expanding their marketing to other Southeastern Conference college towns next year.

“I think the model works really well around college football,” Farnet says.

The app is currently available for free in Apple’s app store. An Android version is not yet available.

Farnet and Champagne both have full-time day jobs, Farnet as a credit analyst, Champagne at an accounting firm. Farnet says they want to prove the model works before seeking investors.

“We’re hoping this could be something we could pursue full time in the future,” Farnet says.

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