Local auto dealers believe Baton Rouge customers will soon embrace electric vehicles

Research suggests that drivers of popular-brand pickups and SUVs may be a tough sell for electric vehicles for a variety of reasons, Axios reports, but it may not be the case for Baton Rouge.

When electrically powered trucks hit the market and become more readily available, some Baton Rouge auto dealers believe their customers will buy them.

Though All-Star Automotive hasn’t received many electric trucks yet, owner Matt McKay thinks Baton Rouge drivers are likely to purchase them.

“I don’t think these manufacturers would sell them if they hadn’t done their due diligence on the cars,” he says. “Our other electric cars we’re already selling are doing very well.”

Robinson Brothers Ford already has 55 reservations for people who want to order the F-150 Lighting, the recently announced electric truck coming in 2022, General Manager Chris Savage says.

While electric trucks are not fully available at Gerry Lane yet, Eric Lane, president of Gerry Lane Enterprises, says customers will definitely buy them in the future.

Gerry Lane stores will soon have electric vehicle charging stations, Lane says, and that way buyers can be assured they’ll have a place to charge their new electric vehicles.

On a similar note, recent payouts from a federal government settlement with Volkswagen in 2015 means more electric vehicle charging stations could be coming to the Baton Rouge area. Currently, Baton Rouge has around a dozen EV charging sites. About $2 million of the settlement payments are going toward electric vehicle infrastructure in Baton Rouge by way of BREC, CATS, Southern University and city government.

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Change is coming, Lane says, and he thinks Baton Rouge could become the leading city in Louisiana for alternative fuels.

“Baton Rouge, as the capital city with three large universities, there’s a place for electric vehicles here,” Lane says. “There’s probably more of a place here than there is in any other city in Louisiana.”

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