A good night’s sleep; the remedy for many men’s health problems

Sponsored by Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group Men’s Health Center


Most of us struggle to achieve those seven-plus hours recommended for adults by most sleep researchers. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 1 in 3 Americans don’t get enough of it.

Tyler Boudreaux, MD, of the Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group Men’s Health Center, says one of the biggest concerns he hears from his male patients is trouble with going to sleep or staying asleep all night.

“Poor sleep can cause a number of downstream effects for men, such as elevated blood pressure, fatigue during the day, depression, weight gain, sexual dysfunction and increase in stress levels,” Dr. Boudreaux says. “Problems with sleep can also indicate some underlying conditions, too.”

There’s a correlation between high blood pressure and sleep apnea, for instance. And men with enlarged prostates often don’t get a full night’s sleep because they are making frequent trips to the bathroom.

Dr. Boudreaux has recommended melatonin to some of his patients, which is available in an over-the-counter capsule form. Melatonin is a hormone our bodies naturally create, and it usually increases at night to put us in a relaxed state. As a supplement, it’s relatively safe to use at night but should be avoided during the day because it causes drowsiness.

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