Dissecting the anatomy of an antique with an ‘Antiques Roadshow’ expert

Baton Rouge was the first stop of the season for Antiques Roadshow, the 20-time Emmy-nominated PBS series. When the resulting episodes air next year, they’re likely to draw more than 6 million viewers, the show’s average weekly audience.

The May 2 filming at LSU Rural Life Museum drew quite a crowd, too—nearly 10,000 people applied to have an antique appraised by the show. From there 2,000 lucky ticket holders were allowed to bring two antiques each, 150 of which will make it to screen.

During the filming, 225 brought one of our colleague’s generational treasures: an 1800s apothecary kit from Baltimore. This is what show appraiser James Supp told us about it. pbs.org/wgbh/roadshow

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Click on the circles to read more about the antique:

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How to watch

The three episodes featuring Baton Rouge will air in January 2024. Eagerly awaiting the screenings? LBP promises its newsletter will share schedule updates.

This article was originally published in the June 2023 issue of 225 magazine.