The Brookhill Ferry sank near downtown BR more than 100 years ago. Now you can take a 3D tour.

Baton Rouge engineering firm Forte & Tablada has created a virtual tour of the century-old Brookhill Ferry shipwreck, which was recently discovered due to the Mississippi River’s record-low levels.

According to an announcement from the firm, Forte & Tablada worked with the Louisiana Division of Archaeology to take a series of photographs and laser scans using its high-resolution surveying equipment to create a 3D model of the ship that users can view online.

CEO Joey Coco says the company volunteered its time for the project at no charge to the state.

The Brookhill was a ferry built in the late 1800s that carried people and livestock across the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and Port Allen. The webpage also contains information and engineering measurements on the Brookhill and allows users to download photos and laser scan data of the shipwreck. 

“Our staff was adamant about doing this for the community, extending our advanced technology beyond normal projects to physically document it and offer it up virtually to the public for educational purposes and future historical records,” Coco says in the announcement. View the wreck here.