Meet a few artists near and far who celebrate LSU in their work

It’s no secret that Louisiana is home to some talented artists.

And there are a number of such talents whose work explores something we here in Baton Rouge hold near and dear: LSU sports.

Meet just a few of the creatives who exhibit their Tiger pride through art.

Shelli Brown

While much of Shelli Brown’s art focuses on minimalist abstractions of form—human or otherwise—she has also established a place for herself in the LSU-centric art market with her trademark Rony the Tiger series. The concept is simple, yet effective—each Rony the Tiger piece depicts Rony, cool, calm and collected, donning a stylish pair of sunglasses and staring into the distance. Every painting is a little different than the last, with varying vistas reflected in Rony’s shades. For the LSU fan, see Rony overlooking a packed Tiger Stadium. instagram.com/shellibrownart

Craig Routh

Louisiana native Craig Routh began his professional career as an artist in 1997 at the age of 17, and he has since built a name for himself with paintings that seek to celebrate the unique culture and landscapes of the Bayou State. That celebration extends into the realm of LSU sports, too—some of his most popular pieces are his watercolor depictions of notable LSU football plays. One of his more recent works is “One Team, One Heartbeat,” an action-packed portrayal of LSU’s championship win over Clemson, complete with two battling tigers bursting through the roof of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. routhcollection.net



David Losavio

This pop artist goes by DLo and has garnered a substantial local following, thanks to his colorful and abstract portraits of the people who inspire him, from artists like Andy Warhol and Frida Kahlo to musicians like David Bowie and John Lennon. While he is currently based out of New Orleans, his art career began in Baton Rouge, and he hasn’t forgotten his roots in the Capital City—his portraits of Pete Maravich and Joe Burrow fit right into his extensive catalogue of nationally recognized figures. instagram.com/d_lo




Lauren Barksdale Hill

The art of Baton Rouge native—and the reader-voted winner of 225’s 2021 Best Local Artist Award—Lauren Barksdale Hill is at once abstract and lifelike. Her scenes of local flora and fauna are a dreamy snapshot of Louisiana life. She occasionally pays tribute to the LSU sports culture that is so integral to life in her city, too. One piece depicts Mike the Tiger perched stoically in front of Tiger Stadium, while another portrays the stadium in a different light, set against a peaceful landscape. instagram.com/laurenbarksdalehillart

Randy Caminita

When award-winning painter Randy Caminita is not hard at work on his Louisiana wildlife collection, he is likely toiling over a piece for his “Geaux Dat” collection, a catalogue of works for devoted LSU and Saints fans. The collection has a little bit of everything an LSU sports fanatic could want, from paintings of a menacing, larger-than-life tiger rampaging into Death Valley to more reserved pieces depicting the camaraderie of LSU’s football players. randycaminita.com

Tami Curtis

While she is currently based out of St. Louis, Tami Curtis is a native of Louisiana, and her roots are evident in her art. Much of her work centers around the rich culture, history, music and nature of her home state. That appreciation for everything Louisiana has also led her to create pieces inspired by LSU sports, like “Legend Status,” a painting celebrating LSU’s championship win with depictions of Ed Orgeron and Joe Burrow standing triumphantly alongside Mike the Tiger. tamicurtisstudios.com 

This article was originally published in the Tiger Pride 2021 issue of 225 magazine.