Artist’s Perspective: Elise Toups’ dreamlike painting

“Synchronicity Swamp” by Elise Toups

“In ‘Synchronicity Swamp,’ an homage to feminine power and a call to peace, I depict my dear friend and art school classmate Meghan Methe. We met at LSU 13 years ago and are both actively pursuing art. While [I was] traveling with this painting from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, a roseate spoonbill (the pictured bird) flew over my car.”

This piece is on view at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum until Jan. 10. A partnership between The Walls Project and Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council turned a version of “Synchronicity Swamp” into a mural at the recycling center at 1400 Main St. last fall.

See more of Toups’ work at Ann Connelly Fine Art and at elisetoups.com.