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What’s New in Gear: Bowie Outfitters

Hunting season is here and we have pro recommendations on great gift ideas for the outdoorsman in your life. The Leicia 10×42 binocular combines powerful optical performance with a long-distance range finder, making it easier to spot everything out there in the woods. For the ideal combination of warmth and low bulk, you must gear up with Sitka Optifade Elevated II hoodie, gloves and pants.  Get full range of motion in this hoodie and moisture control as you trek through the dense and damp woods. Don’t forget your feet. The Alphaburly Pro boot is the premium hunting boot and is now available in the optifade patterns, too. The Christensen Arms Ridgeline rifle is the IDEAL hunting rifle—the accuracy of this rifle allows you confidence on the most difficult hunts. How does a 5:1 zoom ratio and an extreme fast focus eyepiece sound? You can secure a full clear sight picture without effort with the Leaupold VX5-HD riflescope. Now the only question is, who’s cooking the deer chili?

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