What’s the deal with beer gardens and where to find them in Baton Rouge

If you didn’t already have the term in your vocabulary before last year, you probably do now thanks to LSU Athletics. Talk of building a beer garden in Tiger Stadium sparked controversy and were ultimately shelved. Instead, the stadium focused on the new Skyline Club premium section.


The concept was first seen in Germany in the 18th century. Brewers planted shade trees above their cellars to help keep the ground cool, and eventually started serving beer above the cellars. Beer drinkers enjoyed frothy beverages outside in the shade while the beer stayed fresh below.


Although many bars and restaurants in Baton Rouge have patios, there are a few that embrace the beer garden concept. Our unofficial criteria: You need picnic tables and shade trees and must be a bar/restaurant that specializes in beer.

Corporate Brew & Draft: The bar officially calls the fenced-in, picnic table-filled space behind its building at 2531 Citiplace Court a “patio.” But management doesn’t object if someone calls it a beer garden. “Really,” says co-manager Garrett Campbell, “it’s just a social gathering place where people can enjoy beer.”

Barcadia: In 2016, the Highland Road restaurant converted an adjacent parking lot into a beer garden with trees, picnic tables, bar stools and brightly decorated industrial spindles repurposed as tables. A mural adorns the business’ fence.

The new Mid City beer garden: Owners of The Radio Bar are moving forward with their long-running goal to build a beer garden on the empty lot at Government Street and Steele Boulevard. Making the business at 3808 Government St. a reality has taken longer than expected, says Dave Remmetter, co-owner of The Radio Bar and the in-progress beer garden. Following nearly three years of delays, Remmetter hopes construction will start this year.

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This article was originally published in the February 2018 issue of 225 Magazine.