Unusual foods around Baton Rouge: Venturing to Dim Sum Restaurant to try chicken feet

I am what you would call a born-again picky eater. In my youth, the list of foods I refused to eat was incredibly long, but now I think I can be convinced to try almost anything. So, I decided to test that theory when I pitched a new 225 Dine series about taste testing unusual or unique dishes in Baton Rouge.

The first dish our team decided to explore: Dim Sum Restaurant’s Stewed Chicken Feet.

Chicken feet, or Fèng zhuǎ, are served all over the world but are especially popular in Chinese cuisine. The feet are deep-fried or steamed to prep the skin so it puffs up nicely. Then they are stewed or simmered in a sauce flavored with various spices. Because they consist of mostly skin and tendons with very little muscle, chicken feet have a distinctly different texture from other parts of the chicken.

Dim Sum’s Stewed Chicken Feet. Staff photo

My confidence was wavering a bit, though, by time I walked into Dim Sum for dinner. The place was full of happy patrons enjoying steamed buns, dumplings and more traditional Chinese fare. Once I ordered, I waited a bit nervously for my food.

The dish arrived in a silver round tin served on Dim Sum’s traditional white and blue china. It was steaming hot, and the aroma of spice hit my nostrils like a freight truck. I dove in.

Texture-wise, chicken feet take some getting used to. They’re more gelatinous than other parts of the chicken. Flavor-wise, though, these chicken feet were unbelievable. Like other Chinese dishes, the spice on this dish wasn’t overwhelmingly hot but still packed a punch of complex flavors. The feet were crispy and golden brown throughout.

Dim Sum. File photo

All in all, I’m glad I went to Dim Sum for this unique dish. It was an interesting experience, but it’s now a dish I think I’d order again—alongside the usual favorites from its menu.

Dim Sum Restaurant is at 9431 Delcourt Ave.

This is the first in a series of stories on unusual—but tasty—foods you can order around Baton Rouge. Know of something we should try? Let us know in the comments!