Try these alcohol-free twist on Louisiana cocktails

Molly Kimball knows not just from her experience with Ochsner’s Eat Fit program but also from her own life what a stint without alcohol can do for one’s health. Already aware that alcohol increases the risk of cancer and leads to imbalanced gut microbes, she found that after taking on her own 40-day Lenten abstinence challenge, her sleep improved and her liver enzymes and inflammatory markers lowered. In Craft: The Eat Fit Guide to Zero Proof Cocktails, Kimball sets out to prove that swearing off the strong stuff doesn’t have to mean resigning yourself to ice water while your friends celebrate. 

“Zero proof cocktails, with the flavors and complexity of traditional craft cocktails, are visually appealing, festive and fun, but still leave us feeling at the top of our game, no matter how many we imbibe,” she writes. “Simply normalizing the concept of zero proof drinking, and providing unspoken encouragement to perhaps give it a try, can be incredibly impactful.” 

Read on here for four recipes from the book, all inspired by actual cocktails at restaurants around the state. This story originally appeared in inRegister. To keep up with inRegister, subscribe to the free inRegister@Home e-newsletter here.