Rice vodka and wedding traditions, sponsored by J.T. Meleck

J.T. Meleck has always known handcrafted rice spirits were special, but lately, they’ve noticed a trend that adds another level of uniqueness to their product. Louisiana Rice Vodka Signature Drinks at Weddings.

Incorporating rice into events leading up to or during the actual day of the ceremony is a longstanding tradition that has evolved over the last few hundred years. Which leads us to the main question: Why do we throw a hail of tiny white rice grains at the newly married couple as they make their way from the ceremony? Rice or grains symbolize fertility and are a symbol of prosperity. The wish was for the couple to have a family, and if your fields had a lot of grain growing in them, you were prosperous.

Some favorite signature J.T. Meleck wedding cocktails include:

J.T. Mint to Be 

J.T. Classic French 76

J.T. Pink Petal

Learn how to craft these signature cocktails here. 

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