Think outside the shell: Local restaurants get creative with crawfish

It’s crawfish season in Louisiana. Though most locals love a good crawfish boil, we know there are plenty of ways to enjoy the crustacean that don’t require picking and peeling tails. If you want to enjoy crawfish without getting your hands dirty, Baton Rouge restaurants have you covered. From entrees to appetizers, here are some dishes from restaurants in Baton Rouge that have given the mudbug a makeover. 

Elsie’s Plate and Pie

Located on Government Street, Elsie’s Plate and Pie has plenty of dishes featuring this seasonal crustacean. For starters, you can share a bubbly skillet of Crawfish Queso with the table. This queso is full of crawfish tails and is served with crispy, fried pork skins. If you’re looking for a full meal that’s packed with crawfish, try the Crawfish Hand Pie, Seafood Pot Pie, Hot Crawfish Melt, Crawfish Cake Sandwich or the Crawfish Bisque. You can even add fried tails to any of the salads. 


From shareables to sides and entrees, SoLou has plenty of crawfish options to try. For appetizers, the Crawfish Beignets are the perfect poppable combo of Louisiana staples. Crawfish tails are fried in Abita Beer batter until fluffy and golden. Next up is the Louisiana Crawfish Salad, which has all the ingredients of a classic cobb salad with fried crawfish tails instead of chicken. If don’t want your main dish to be centered around crawfish, order the Crawfish Mac & Cheese as your side. It’s hard to say “no” to crawfish when they’re in a tiny skillet of cheesy shells.

Roul’s Deli

This deli and eatery has been popular among college students and Tigers fans alike due to its tasty food and proximity to LSU campus. With unique and mouthwatering crawfish dishes, Roul’s Deli is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to try crawfish in a less traditional way. From half-pound burgers topped with a signature crawfish mix to cheesy crawfish topped fries, Roul’s is packing big crawfish flavor in the classics. Roul’s is also known for its egg rolls which are stuffed with nontraditional fillings. Our recommendation? Order cheesy crawfish eggrolls with ranch and sweet chili sauce for dipping. 

Spoke and Hub

This recently opened modern diner has a delicious menu with a few crawfish-centric items. Start your morning off right with crawfish étouffée-stuffed crepes from the brunch menu. Or start your dinner spread with a cup or bowl of the creamy crawfish bisque. For the main dish, try the Crawfish Pappardell: a house-made pasta dish with gruyere and fried tails.


Curbside is known for big, cheesy burgers and golden-fried tater tots. Just in time for the Lenten and crawfish seasons, diners can pair Crawfish Monica Tots with a sandwich of choice. This boat of tots is taken to the next level and smothered in a generous layer of a creamy and spicy Crawfish Monica sauce. Try them and see why tater tots may be the most perfect vessel for crawfish tails.

The Chimes

Almost every section of The Chimes’ menu has a crawfish dish to choose from. For brunch, get crawfish tails tucked into a fluffy omelet complete with tasty sides and a buttery biscuit. On the appetizer menu, order Crawfish Fries or Crawfish Mac and Cheese to share with your party. For entrees, try favorites like Crawfish Étoufée, Lagniappe Cake Sandwich or Fried Crawfish Salad. Pro tip: You can even add sautéed crawfish to any grilled menu item by asking for Crawfish Royale.