Sweet Jones Farms has big expansion plans, including a Millennial Park store and eventual grocery store chain

Sweet Jones Farms has a new home in Mid City. 

This April, the farm plans to open its very first shipping container store at Millennial Park. After growing fresh produce and tending to livestock at Sweet Jones Farms in Greensburg since 2017, local farmer J’Quincy Jones Sr. wanted to increase access to seasonal fruits, veggies, seafood, CBD products and plants from the farm. 

Sweet Jones Farms’ shipping container at Millennial Park

Sweet Jones Farms began the buildout process for the new shipping container in December 2020. It hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies, though. In January 2021, Jones’ shipping container was vandalized, leaving the windows shattered and spray-painted insults on the exterior. After a quick cleanup and repair, Jones is back on track for the anticipated spring opening. 

Inside Sweet Jones Farms’ shipping container

“This is just the start,” Jones says. “I will eventually start a grocery store chain and will work with Black-owned farms around the country.” 

At the new storefront, locals can purchase fresh seafood every weekend, CBD products from locally grown hemp, specialty goods and plants like sage and rosemary.

Sweet Jones Farms members will also be able to pick up their monthly membership boxes of produce from the Millennial Park location. Jones is accepting no more than 250 members to enroll in his membership program. After the maximum number of members is reached, enrollment will reopen in 2023.

Plants and herbs for sale at Sweet Jones Farms’ shipping container store

In 2021, Jones became a licensed hemp grower. He offers hemp consulting and sells CBD products like bath bombs, lotion, roll-on oils and CBD flower. 

“We will be able to grow our own exclusive lines of hemp, make our own products and show people how hemp can contribute to generational wealth,” Jones says.

That’s not all for the budding farm. This summer, Jones plans to sell his current property in Greensburg and move to larger farmland near Baton Rouge. He wants to create an interactive farm experience by offering fishing and jet skiing, trail rides on horses and log cabins where people can stay for bed and breakfast. 

Sweet Jones Farms plans to sell fresh strawberries at the shipping container store.

“People have been cooped up in the house and they want to make memories,” Jones says. 

Jones is overflowing with excitement to unveil the latest additions to Sweet Jones Farms this year.

Until then, locals can get a taste of Jones’ fresh crawfish at Millennial Park’s all-you-can-eat crawfish event on Saturday, Feb. 13, at noon. Head to Sweet Jones Farms’ Instagram for more information and updates on the April opening.