A few spots to find cider around Baton Rouge this holiday season

It’s officially holiday season! The start of December and cold weather means Christmas is almost literally in the air. What better way to celebrate than with your favorite holiday tastes like apple cider, peppermint and eggnog?

225 Dine will be on the hunt for holiday-flavored beverages all season long. First up, we’ve rounded up these cider cocktails from local spots to really get you in the holiday spirit. And stay tuned to future editions of our newsletter for more holiday drink roundups!

The Overpass Merchant

Not only is The Overpass Merchant’s hot apple cider homemade, but you can customize it with your choice of alcohol. 

Made from scratch out of green apples, clove, oranges, brown sugar, allspice and nutmeg, this apple cider is like a hug from the inside. You can choose to spike your cider with 100-proof brown sugar bourbon, Kraken dark rum or Union mezcal, depending on your preference. Or you can choose to drink it as is, soaking in the Christmas flavors.

Mid City Beer Garden

Another warm and cozy option is Mid City Beer Garden’s Spiked Hot Cider, one of its three fall cocktails (along with the Hot Toddy and Fall Old Fashioned). 

Served in an Irish coffee glass, the drink features an apple cider base, cinnamon, clove, lemon juice and Mid City Beer Garden’s own fall spice blend. It’s warm, a little sweeter, and tastes like the holidays. You can also choose to not add alcohol. It’s like Christmas in a cup!


Beausoleil is launching new winter drinks soon. These will use cider as a finishing touch, and are more unique than your average cocktail.

The first, a Moscow Mule with a twist, features honeysuckle vodka, apple liqueur, lemon juice and is topped with both apple cider and ginger beer.

The second, a whiskey cocktail, will include whiskey, amaretto, honey, lemon juice and apple cider.

The third, a Scotch cocktail, includes Scotch, spiced pear liqueur, maple syrup, lemon juice, ginger and apple cider. If you’re looking for something different but still festive, these drinks are sure to satisfy.

What are your favorite holiday drinks around Baton Rouge? Tell us in the comments!