Social media calls for Rouses boycott following photos posted of co-owner at DC rally

Some on social media are calling for a boycott of Rouses Markets after photos began circulating last night of Donald Rouse Sr., co-owner of the Houma-based grocery chain, among the crowd in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday protesting the presidential election results.

The photos were originally posted on Facebook by Steven Galtier, former Rouses HR director, on Wednesday afternoon. Galtier posted a photo of himself and Rouse among those attending the rally prior to a mob overpowering police and storming the U.S. Capitol.

While it is not known whether Rouse or Galtier were among the crowd that entered the Capitol and the congressional chambers, Galtier posted photos that appear to be taken right outside the building, and describe the two as being among “millions of patriots.” In comments underneath the photos, Galtier denies that those breaking into the building were “antifa dressed like Patriots,” saying that he and Rouse spoke to a few who “got in.”

Galtier removed the Facebook post sometime last night, but blogger Lamar White Jr. posted screenshots of the photos on Twitter. Neither Galtier nor Rouses spokesperson Marcy Nathan had a comment for Daily Report this morning, with Nathan saying a statement will be released this afternoon.

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