Plan your punny election night party menu

With election night less than a week away, it’s crunch time for planning your party menu. Fortunately, we’ve got some thematically appropriate suggestions for filling out your snack table spread. Make sure all your friends have voted before you let them hit up your refreshments!

Decorate-Your-Own Pantsuit Cookies: Order a simple cookie cutter, use a reliable no-spread sugar cookie recipe like this one and provide your guests with enough brightly colored frostings, sprinkles and candies to capture the full rainbow of Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit collection.

Trumpkin Cheesecake Bars: What’s orange, empty inside and will be discarded halfway through November? Your leftover Halloween pumpkins, of course! Put them to use to make these punny pumpkin cheesecake bars for the GOP portion of your spread. Extra points if you swirl the batter and cream cheese to look like a combover!

Taquitos on Every Corner: Many of us are still bemused by Trump surrogate Marco Gutierrez’s anti-immigrant exclamation that a Trump loss could mean “taco trucks on every corner.” If you don’t think an abundance of taco trucks would be such a bad thing, cook up a batch of these spicy beef taquitos.

Donald’s Mini Hand Pies: One of the election’s biggest running jokes has been about the size of Donald Trump’s hands, so pay homage to them with these mini s’mores hand pies small enough for even his tiny, tiny fingers.

Baskets of Delectables: Pull off a spoof on Hillary’s controversial “basket of deplorables” remark by setting up a candy bar and offering each of your guests a basket to assemble their own baskets of delectables.

Anthony Wieners: Toast Hillary aide Huma Abedin’s estranged husband and the man whose libido can’t seem to stay out of election news with some fancy pigs-in-a-blanket that are about as seedy as he is. Thankfully, these wieners stay under wraps.

Hillary Email or Trump Tweet Fortune Cookies: Make your own fortune cookies and fill them with memorable excerpts from Hillary’s emails and/or stand-out tweets from Trump’s colorful timeline

Vermont Maple Bernie Bites: These little maple meringue bites look just like Bernie’s famously unkempt hairdo, and they’re made with one of the biggest exports of his home state. Sure to be a hit with any Bernie-or-Busters who show up to your shindig.

Rodhamburger Sliders: Give Hillary’s maiden name a shout-out with some tiny burgers, like these bite-sized garlic cheeseburgers or these jalapeno cheddar sliders. Bonus: these could also fit in Trump’s tiny hands.

Comey Dogs: Comey Dogs are just like Coney Dogs, except their motives are unclear and they might be sitting on information about Russia. Serve with chili, cheese and onions.

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