Off-the-menu: Southern Cofe offers matcha drinks and a new podcast recording space

Despite COVID-19 shutdowns and social distancing regulations, Southern Cofe continues to evolve. 

This October, Southern Cofe owner Horatio Isadore added a podcast recording space to the north Baton Rouge coffee shop. 

Now, local creatives can rent the recording booth to record podcasts and film live shows. The space includes all the high-tech equipment needed, such as microphones, professional lighting, an audio mixer and a TV screen for logo placement or to interact with virtual audiences. 

“I want to create a platform for quality podcasts,” Isadore says. “I wanted it to be sleek, not too bulky and fluid in the space so it can function in the coffee shop. We didn’t want anyone to not have a high-quality show or program.”

Podcast recording space at Southern Cofe

The podcast recording space is located near the entrance of the shop. Before it was reconstructed, it was an underutilized seating area, Isadore says. While the podcast room is complete, it won’t officially open until January 2021. Next year, locals can book their time slots online under Cofe Communications in 30-minute and hour intervals. 

“We are the only podcast studio inside of a functioning coffee shop,” Isadore says. “We’re the first in the country to have that. This is what happens when a community pours into a business.”

The space isn’t the only thing growing. Southern Cofe’s food and drink options continue to expand. From hot coffee drinks to vegan-friendly foods, the eclectic cafe serves a little bit of everything. Some drinks, like matcha green tea, are available but not offered on the menu. 

“Matcha is a process to make,” Isadore says. “People don’t ask for this drink all of the time so I kept it off the menu.” 

Though matcha can be served in a variety of ways, Isadore enjoys adding special fruity elements to make the green tea refreshing. Next time you’re at Southern Cofe, ask for one of these off-the-menu drinks. 

Matcha lemonade with ginger 

Matcha lemonade with ginger

Matcha with orange juice, lemonade and ginger 

Matcha with orange juice, lemonade and ginger

Find Southern Cofe at 8418 Scotland Ave.

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