Now open: Louie’s Cafe

With more parking and double the space for patrons and staff, Baton Rouge’s go-to late-night dive and breakfast spot has finally gotten the location it deserves.

Louie’s Cafe opened less than a week ago in the former Wendy’s on State Street, and fans are already packing in, no matter the time, to enjoy the restaurant’s quirky red, white and turquoise style and whatever Marcus “Frenchie” Cox is cooking behind the counter.

At 1 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon, the restaurant is packed. In the midst of getting their staff accustomed to all the space, Cox and co-owner Jimmy Wetherford Jr. are quickly cooking up eggs, flapjacks, burgers, bacon and more. The atmosphere is lively, not unlike the former location, but there’s more space to breathe. There are four bar tops and more than enough seating to go along with its waiting area. As if Louie’s admitted to itself that it is indeed 2014, the bar tops also have outlets for students to plug in their phones or laptops.

Let’s not mince words: The drunken versions of us loved Louie’s, but when you were sober? That place needed a kick in the pants. I had been reticent to revisit this much-loved diner, and I only bring up that disappointment to say this move feels absolutely right. Hell, I don’t even feel bad looking at the ceiling.

So, how was the food? I was worried at first. I waited a little bit at the middle bar counter, but not too long before a waitress came and took my order. It’s a tradition—I had to get the country fried steak and eggs. The dish was piping hot and delicious, just as I (sort of) remembered. I didn’t leave a crumb of it on the plate. Cox and Wetherford have still got it goin’ on.

For now, the coolest dive restaurant in the Capital City just got cooler, and I only hope it stays that way.

Find out more information on Louie’s at the diner’s Facebook page.

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