New Orleans-style Boozy Milk Punch

Dec. 25 is a doubly special day in our family because it also happens to be our mother’s birthday. One of her favorite ways to celebrate is to make a milk punch on Christmas Day. It’s a quintessential beverage to serve at brunch in New Orleans, which is perhaps why our mother is a fan. It is similar to eggnog but not as heavy and much easier to make. We thought milk punch would be the perfect complement to this Christmas breakfast menu.

Servings: 1

2 ounces bourbon

1 sugar cube or ½ teaspoon superfine sugar

4 ounces whole milk

½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Dash fresh grated nutmeg

  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Pour in the bourbon, sugar, milk and vanilla. Shake vigorously until well chilled.
  3. Strain into a highball glass and sprinkle with a dash of fresh nutmeg.

This article was originally published in the December 2021 issue of 225 magazine.