Make shrimp and corn soup this week

Shrimp and corn. Artichoke and oyster. Gumbos of all sorts. Cozy soups with memorable ingredients are just the thing this time of year, when we’re all craving food that is luscious and warm.

What 225 features writer Maggie Heyn Richardson loves most about soups is their spontaneity. More often than not, home cooks aren’t following instructions by the book when they get out their stockpots. They’re discerning what ingredients to include and what to leave out, and they’re tasting, adjusting and correcting by feel and by gut. Many are mimicking the soup styles of their forbears, while others are diverging in inventive directions.

Whatever the case, soup is one of those from-the-heart dishes meant to inspire and soothe. Now is the perfect time to make some for your friends, family and for yourself. Here’s Maggie’s easy version of shrimp and corn soup, originally published in a December 2014 edition of 225 Dine.

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