Make mocktails at home for ‘dry January’

Dry January may or may not be your thing, but mocktails are here to stay.

Pushed in recent years by lower drinking rates among Gen Z-ers and some millennials, plus a beverage industry that’s awash in cool craft mixers and low- to no-proof options, mocktails slid into prominence locally and across the country.

As much as we love to imbibe in Louisiana, having an arsenal of great tasting non-alcoholic options is a win for everyone. It’s a proven way to trim calories, stay safe on the road, protect your health, and create an even experience for underage diners and pregnant women.

And since you’ve probably stocked up your home bar during the pandemic, mocktails also provide a fresh way to experiment with a cocktail shaker. Winter brings an abundance of fresh, local citrus to play with (and, ahem, up that immune system). You can also turn to craft mixers, including those offered through The Cocktail Experiment, a local retail line developed by Olive or Twist co-founder Josh Duke that includes mixers, syrups and bitters. Look for them at local supermarkets and liquor stores.

A version of this article originally appeared in 225 Dine in January 2020.