Local pop-up coffee cart Social Coffee serves coffee and espresso drinks around Baton Rouge

What a time to be alive. Baton Rouge coffee lovers can get their coffee fix from local cafes, grocery stores, breweries—and now, coffee carts. 

Local entrepreneur Dillon Farrell started Social Coffee, a coffee cart business, in July 2019. As a coffee enthusiast and former barista at Magpie Cafe downtown, he wanted a way to provide specialty coffee and make connections with his community.

Social Coffee owner Dillon Farrell serving drinks at his coffee cart. Courtesy Dillon Farrell

“Coffee is a culture,” Farrell says. “Coffee allows you to slow down and talk with others.” 

The 29-year-old saw food and drink carts on the internet and wanted to have his own. He shared his vision of a coffee cart with a contractor friend and turned his dream into a reality. The wooden stand on wheels has a bright, modern and minimalistic feel. Its base is made of wood panels painted white and is topped with a polished wood table top. It fits all the basics like an espresso machine, coffee cups, the menu and bags of coffee for purchase.

Social Coffee sells coffee, espresso drinks, chai tea and bags of coffee. Courtesy Dillon Farrell

Social Coffee serves coffee, espresso drinks and chai tea. Customers can order hot or iced espresso beverages, including an americano, cappuccino or latte.

Customers can order hot or iced espresso beverages, including an americano, cappuccino or latte. Courtesy Dillon Farrell

Farrell holds pop-ups at local businesses, weddings, parties, markets and other special events. Before COVID-19, he could be spotted popping up at Ogden Park Prowl, White Light Night and Mid City Markers Market. Now, he serves mostly at local businesses like CounterspaceBR, The Hope Shop and farmers market The Market at the Oasis, as well as local neighborhoods like Lakes at Jamestown. This week, the coffee cart will be popping up at CounterspaceBR on Thursday and Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“There’s lots of areas in Baton Rouge that don’t have coffee shops,” Farrell says, “so I get to help satisfy that need.” 

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