Jay Ducote test runs Gov’t Taco dishes at pop-up flood-relief fundraiser

For Jay Ducote, last night’s Taco Tuesday event at S/ash Creative wasn’t just a pop-up dinner. While he previewed dishes that could possibly be featured in his future White Star Market eatery Gov’t Taco, he was also giving back to his community in a big way.

By simply buying a ticket to the event, each attendee contributed $10 that will go toward a fund helping local elementary school students who suffered in the flood. It’s a cause that hits home for Ducote.

“My mom was a lifelong educator and my sister is currently an elementary school teacher,” Ducote says. “The students and their families that got flooded out lost all of their possessions, which includes school uniforms and backpacks and other important supplies that you just don’t necessarily think about having to replace.”

S/ash, the venue that hosted Ducote's pop-up dinner
S/ash, the venue that hosted Ducote’s pop-up dinner

Ducote says the event’s goal was to do as much as possible to help elementary students who are flood victims buy much-needed school supplies so their families don’t have to worry about it. According to a Facebook post from Ducote following the event, they managed to raise $500 for the cause.

Of course, no Jay Ducote event is complete without some exciting food. Ducote says some of the tacos featured were “test runs” for future seasonal dishes at Gov’t Taco, particularly the brisket taco, which he hopes can become a staple. He and his team got to showcase the generally unknown versatility of the food they intend to serve.

“For an event like this, we want to make sure we have all the elements of a taco that we want to present in each one,” he says. “Like the right textures and flavors and overall complexity of components, but still just plain good, authentic flavors that aren’t necessarily all Mexican, which I think our menu suggests.”

Cupcake Allie helped out as well, contributing the dessert course for the menu.

What was on the Gov’t Taco pop-up menu:

Black Sesame Flour Tortilla, Korean Stir-Fried Eggplant, Kimchi Mayo
Black sesame flour tortilla with Korean stir-fried eggplant and kimchi mayo
Street Corn, Cotija Crumble, Chili Rub
Street corn with cotija crumble and chili rub
Double Corn-Snapper Ceviche, Crema, Watermelon Radish
Double corn tortilla with snapper ceviche, crema and watermelon radish
Watermelon, Cellar Sea Salt, Mint Oil
Watermelon, cellar sea salt and mint oil
Chewy Flour-Smoked Brisket Taco, Jay D's BBQ Sauce, Purple Cabbage Slaw, Finger Radish
Chewy flour tortilla with smoked brisket, Jay D’s BBQ Sauce, purple cabbage slaw and finger radish
Buñuelos Rellenos De La Crema
Buñuelos rellenos de la crema (fritters stuffed with cream), made by Cupcake Allie