Vodka 101: How it’s made, sponsored by J.T. Meleck

J.T. Meleck’s Rice Vodka is a go-to liquor for our favorite cocktails. Have you ever wondered how it’s made?

Vodka was first produced in the areas of modern day Russia and Poland, and comes from the Slavic word voda, meaning “water.” Traditional ingredients have included potatoes, rye, wheat, corn, and fruits such as grapes and apples.

Rice is a perfect ingredient for making vodka due to its high carbohydrate content. Rice wines have been produced in Eastern Asia for centuries, but few distilleries make vodka from rice today. J.T. Meleck Distillers founder Mike Fruge believes rice vodka is rare because rice cultivation is uncommon in the U.S. Louisiana is just one of just six states that produce rice. Click here to learn more.

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