Here’s where to find the ‘good ice’ in Baton Rouge this summer

Have you heard of the “good ice”? If you haven’t, you may have tasted it—the  chewable texture of this cylinder-shaped ice may have graced the top of your Sonic sodas.

While the “good ice,” which is otherwise referred to as pellet ice, nugget ice or crushed ice, was popularized by Sonic, it’s become a refreshing staple in everything from fast food soft drinks to classic cocktails like the mint julep.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of crushed ice, or you’re just learning about this unique trend, here are some places you can treat yourself to the “good ice” this summer:

Cecilia Creole Bistro

Crushed ice is a key ingredient to the perfect mint julep, and Cecilia Creole Bistro’s mint juleps are no exception. Woodford Reserve Bourbon, housemade mint-infused simple syrup and mint leaves are all combined and topped off with the “good ice” to complete this refreshing beverage. The result is a picturesque cocktail that’s perfect for ice-lovers and Instagrammers alike.

Raising Cane’s

There’s another fast-food joint besides Sonic where Baton Rouge residents may recognize the crushed pellet ice. You can enjoy it from the original Cane’s location on Highland Road or at one of the many other locations around Baton Rouge. All of Cane’s beverages, from water to soft drinks to its classic iced teas and lemonade, are served over pellet ice—just another reason why the locally founded chicken chain has found national popularity.

Hayride Scandal

Again, what’s mint julep without crushed ice? Hayride Scandal’s blend of bourbon, sugar and fresh mint is served up with a generous helping of crushed ice that will spill over the top of your julep cup. It’s the quintessential cocktail to enjoy during the hot summer months.

French Truck Coffee

Crushed ice isn’t limited to fast food and fancy cocktails. French Truck Coffee serves its iced coffees and cold brews over the ice, too. The caffeine kick paired with the crunchy ice is sure to wake you up in the morning.

LIT Pizza

Next time you’re craving pizza, stop by one of LIT Pizza’s three Baton Rouge locations to try one of its lemonade flavors, including blood orange, pomegranate or classic over crushed ice. All of LIT’s other beverages are served up with a helping of crushed ice.


Burgersmith’s Baton Rouge location offers a host of beverage options and classic fountain drinks for you to try with crushed ice. Grab a seat at the bar to try a paloma, a sazerac or an old fashioned off the restaurant’s new cocktail menu, as well.

Olive or Twist

Many of Olive or Twist’s alcoholic beverages are topped off with crushed ice. Next time you head over to the cocktail bar, order a Moscow mule, a classic old fashioned or a whiskey smash for a taste. Olive or Twist also offers a cocktail roulette option for its guests, so you can choose your favorite ingredients to mix for the perfect cocktail on ice.

Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar

At Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar, the oysters aren’t the only thing served on crushed ice. Its fresh squeezed, hand-crafted margaritas also feature the soft, chewable ice. There are many flavors to choose from, including original, grapefruit, elderflower, strawberry, jalapeno and cucumber.

District Donuts Sliders Brew

The only thing better than an iced lavender latte or fresh-squeezed lemonade? One of those drinks served over the “good ice.” Sip down one of District’s craft sodas, a Vietnamese iced coffee or an iced mocha latte to get to the good stuff left at the bottom of the cup.

What other spots serve the “good ice” around Baton Rouge? Tell us at [email protected].

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