Hello, fall: Spooky, spicy and spirited things to do around Baton Rouge to welcome autumn

It’s the first day of fall, and (although the temperatures say otherwise) it’s time to celebrate the changing of seasons. From pumpkin syrup-filled coffees and spiced muffins to football tailgates and horror houses, there are many ways to get that fall feeling.

The 225 staff has embraced the coming of autumn by compiling our list of fall favorites that will give you plenty of ideas on how to finally bid farewell to the sweltering summer. 

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Corn Maze at Burden Museum & Gardens 

“I adore Corn Maze Saturdays at Burden Museum & Gardens. I love wandering through the maze, surrounded by the crinkly cornstalks swaying in the breeze. And there’s so much other fall fun happening on site—a pumpkin patch, hay rides and even a petting farm. If we’re lucky, the grounds’ sunflower fields might be in bloom, too. It’s my favorite way to spend the weekend outdoors getting into the Halloween spirit.”

—Jennifer Tormo Alvarez, 225 editor

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13th Gate Haunted House 

“I love haunted houses, so naturally, I try to make a trip to 13th Gate every year for some spooks and scares. I started going to haunted houses with my friends in high school and quickly fell in love with the adrenaline-pumping feeling. I hate roller coasters and amusement park rides, so I get my thrills by navigating through a haunted house. I think it’s so fun to go with friends, get scared and laugh about it afterwards. I love seeing what 13th Gate has in store each year. The crew at 13th gate put on a top-notch production every year, and I look forward to visiting soon.”

—Olivia Deffes, 225 digital staff writer

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Porch pumpkins from local shops and farmers markets

“When fall is, ahem, slow to come, I can still summon that autumn mood with porch pumpkins, which are now available at independent grocery stores and chain supermarkets, as well as the Red Stick Farmers Market and farms stands. Mixing big fat orange pumpkins with decorative smaller ones in fall colors is my jam. Adding pots of mums from a local nursery completes this very uncomplicated, but festive front porch look. 

Note: as anyone from south Louisiana can attest, the orange ones won’t get carved until the day before Halloween. Who wants a moldy pumpkin?”

—Maggie Heyn Richardson, 225 features writer


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Children’s LSU outfits from LuLu & Bean

“Fall in my house is all about LSU football. While pre- and post-game tailgating have taken a back seat in recent years to chasing and feeding babies, we’re bound and determined to keep the celebratory spirit alive. These days, that looks like precious bubbles, printed shorts and monogrammed polos from my favorite children’s boutique LuLu & Bean, located under the Perkins Road Overpass. We might not make it to campus all season, but at least we dressed the purple and gold part.”

—Laura Furr Mericas, 225 managing editor

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An outdoor walk in downtown Baton Rouge 

“As soon as the temperature starts to cool down, we usually spend a day walking around downtown. That usually means grabbing a cup of coffee at PJ’s before heading to the LSU Museum of Art to see what they’ve got on exhibit, followed by a walk on the levee and lunch at whatever downtown spot we’re feeling that day.” 

—Dillon Lowe, 225 digital content editor


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Pumpkin coffee and cake balls from Brew Ha-Ha

“I always want to try all the pumpkin and cinnamon-flavored things when fall comes around. Recently, I went to Brew Ha-Ha on Jefferson Highway and tried the new Bite & Brew combo along with the cutest pumpkin cake balls I’ve ever seen. I had a cold brew with pumpkin-spiced sweet cream, which was paired with a pralines and cream cake ball covered in white chocolate and dusted with gold glitter. I couldn’t pass up the pumpkin spiced cake balls, which were dipped in orange-dyed white chocolate and speared with a pretzel stick to mimic a stem. Everything satisfied my sweet tooth and my fall-flavored cravings.”

—Olivia Deffes, 225 digital staff writer