To-go drinks are the new normal, and here’s where to find them around Baton Rouge

During coronavirus times, restaurants and bars around Baton Rouge are still trying to offer the best cocktails, beer and wine—even if customers want to enjoy them elsewhere.

Some locals have exchanged their happy hour routines for socially distant porch hangouts with their quarantine pods. And as we’ve all spent more time outdoors, we’ve learned to pack a few essentials: sunscreen, bug spray and a great bottled beverage. A half-gallon of a frozen cocktail or a growler of your favorite craft beer feels like the perfect companion to those late-summer nights.

Restaurants have to comply with a few restrictions, but large-batch alcoholic drinks in sealed containers are permitted—and on the rise.

Read on for the rest of the story, which originally appeared in 225‘s September 2020 issue.