Food podcasts and radio shows to check out from Louisiana and beyond

Podcasts are having a moment, and the 225 Dine team is all about it. Naturally, we gravitate toward food-related podcasts. Here are several options (including a few radio shows, too) worth streaming. Some even have a local and regional bent.

1. Bite & Booze

Jay Ducote practically pioneered Baton Rouge food podcasting, so his podcast is first on our list. Listening to Ducote’s show is a must to be in-the-know about the local food scene, and there are few people we trust more to give us the dish on dining in the Capital City and surrounding areas.

In Bite & Booze, Ducote travels around the state tasting food and brews, interviewing chefs, brewers and distillers, and discussing local food events and festivals.

The two-hour show airs Saturdays, 5-7 p.m., on 107.3 FM, or you can stream the podcast here.

2. Louisiana Eats

Hosted by New Orleans author Poppy Tooker, Louisiana Eats takes you to the farthest corners of the state to show the heritage and tradition of Louisiana food. Follow her through kitchens, stores and farms as she takes a look at the people who shape the Bayou State’s unique food culture.

From exploring Jewish food traditions during Passover to examining the evolution of restaurant dining in America to taking us behind the scenes at Jazz Fest to show how the food is made, there’s something (or everything) for any food lover.

As an NPR affiliate, the show is broadcasted Saturdays at 1 p.m. on WRKF. Listen to the most recent episodes here.

3. Where Y’Eat

In the Big Easy, food is a way of life. With a city so renowned for its culinary scene, it can be easy to get lost in the chatter.

New Orleans Advocate dine and food culture writer Ian McNulty guides Where Y’Eat listeners through where to eat out, what to cook at home, which food trends to try and which to ignore. Few understand the New Orleans food culture better than McNulty, and his personable, eloquent and knowledgeable demeanor make the episodes fly by. They’re short and sweet, but you’ll become so accustomed to McNulty’s voice you won’t notice the episodes changing.

A product of New Orleans Public Radio, subscribe on iTunes or listen to previous episodes here.

4. Gravy

For a more in-depth take on how food shapes a region, check out Gravy. This podcast travels to different locations around the South and narrates the intersection of food with history, like its 2015 episode on the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and how the city’s food revealed how New Orleans had changed in that decade.

Hosted by Tina Antolini and the Southern Food Alliance, the episodes are longer and more serious, but give you firsthand accounts of individuals’ experiences with food. Think NPR’s This American Life, but with delicious food talk.

Listen here.

5. Bon Appétit

The 225 Dine team loves two things: food and reading. So when one of our fave food mags creates a “foodcast,” we listen.

The podcast covers food topics across the board, ranging from culture features to how-to tips and human interest stories, but it’s all worth listening to.

Like its print product, the podcast is informative and witty, and you’ll be hooked. Tune in here.

6. Go Fork Yourself

Travel and food often go hand in hand, and there’s nothing so distinctive about a place as its food. Chef, author and Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern tackles the global food scene, among other things, along with co-host Molly Mogren.

Admittedly less polished, this podcast isn’t for the faint of heart—but if you’re looking for a laugh, the often random, always unexpected topics of conversation between Mogren and Zimmern will do it, no doubt. Their dynamic alone is worth the background noise while you’re cooking dinner.

The podcast doesn’t have new episodes at the moment, but you can listen to more than 100 previous episodes here. Happy binging.

What are your favorite food podcasts? Tell us about them in the comments.