Find this local gelato brand on grocery store shelves, popping up at events—or available for delivery

It can be argued that ice cream and gelato season is never really over in Louisiana.

Did your neighborhood sno-ball stand throw its window back open in February? Are you sweating right now, even as certain retailers, ahem, announce their fall products? It’s OK—we all are.

Nobody knows year-round frozen treats quite like Mario Lozanov, owner and flavor mastermind at City Gelato. The mobile gelateria pops up around local festivals and hotspots like parks and the farmers market all year ’round, and pints of Lozanov’s handcrafted gelato always stay stocked on grocery shelves across Baton Rouge.

This summer, the Baton Rouge dessert company even started weekly Tuesday deliveries of its pints through local delivery company Hoopla.

While the work never stops for Lozanov and his team, the changing seasons always bring plenty of fresh flavors—and hordes of customers—to the stands and the freezer aisle.

Its limited-release flavors like Satsuma and Peach sorbets are made with fresh farmers market produce. Signature pints include flavors such as Amaretto, a smooth and satisfying combination of chocolate, hazelnut and almond; Birthday Cake, with rainbow sprinkles mixed into the gelato; and Lemon, a zingy sorbet made with locally grown lemons. Pop-up events have featured unique flavors like Avocado. 

“We’re quality first,” Lozanov says of the City Gelato team’s creative process. “We really use local, fresh ingredients. Real cream and sugar from Louisiana. I don’t think (any other brands in grocery stores) use fresh fruit. … It’s labor intensive; we have to cut peaches—which takes hours and hours to do—or strawberries or any other fruit we’re breaking down. Fresh flavors distinguish us.”

A version of this story originally appeared in the April 2017 edition of 225 Magazine.

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