Favorite dishes we ate this month: 225 editorial staff’s picks for local eats

The flavors emerging from Baton Rouge area bars, restaurants and local food producers these days are just flat out amazing, and the 225 team loves to get out and try new things. Here are a few of the recent noshes we’ve been talking about in the newsroom.

Tap 65’s gulab jamun cheesecake.

Gulab jamun cheesecake

Tap 65

“There’s only one dessert on the menu at the new Tap 65, and I quickly understood why. The gulab jamun cheesecake speaks for itself. The restaurant makes the cheesecake in-house, and texturally, it is melt-in-your-mouth perfect. The crust is made of crushed-up Parle-G, an Indian glucose biscuit that resembles a cookie. But it’s the gulab jamunmoist, spice-packed cardamom-and-saffron cake balls—embedded in the cheesecake that make this dessert a true standout. Topped with fresh fruit soaked in tangy puree, each bite just bursts with flavor. I really enjoyed everything I tried at Tap 65, but this is the dish I am going to be thinking about for a long time.”

—Jennifer Tormo Alvarez, 225 editor

The French, at MJ’s, features goat cheese and fresh veggies, served with one of the restaurant’s homemade vegan soups.

The French

MJ’s Café

“I love going to MJ’s for their sandwiches, and my favorite is the French— a pressed sandwich on ciabatta with goat cheese, apples, red peppers and spinach. The side corn soup adds a nice sweet, creamy complement. This is my go-to, even when they change the kind of bread being used. It always delivers a great combination of flavors.”

—Marien Richardson, 225 contributing writer

Tout va Bien’s handmade rosemary sourdough boule.

Rosemary sourdough boule

Tout va Bien

“I’ve recently decided that sourdough is the superior bread option, so I was excited to find a micro bakery here in Baton Rouge that specializes in it. I tried a small loaf of Tout va Bien’s Rosemary Sourdough, but due to its size and deliciousness I devoured it quickly. This past weekend, I traveled almost 30 minutes to another market where Tout va Bien was set up to get a larger loaf, and I have no regrets. This bread is spongy with a nice crispy crust and a rosemary flavor that complements the sourdough tang perfectly. Each loaf is beautifully crafted, but I can’t resist cutting into it as soon as I get home. I love to use this for avocado toast and as a little side for pasta, salads or really any meal I make.”

—Olivia Deffes, 225 digital staff writer

Meatball pho

Bao Vietnamese Kitchen

“It feels like a warm hug. Whether I’m sick, stressed out or just looking for a hearty meal, I can always rely on this soup cheering me up. I’ve been going here getting the same thing for years. Each time it reminds me of a memory from one of the previous times I went, be it with my family, introducing it to friends or on a lunch date. You can never go wrong with something that brings back beautiful memories!”

—Dominic Purdy, 225 contributing writer

BLDG 5’s fresh peach and berry croustade.

Peach and berry croustade


“BLDG 5’s changing dessert menu recently served up this little gem, a fresh peach and berry croustade. Think hand-formed tartlet or open-faced pie. I’m a big fan of fruit desserts, especially when they’re combined with fresh pastry. And that’s what made this dessert so special. The crust enrobing the sweet-tart fresh peach filling was rich, flaky and delicate enough to shatter to the touch, as it should. After an evening’s worth of big-flavored shareables from the dinner menu, it was my kind of light but bold meal-ender.”

—Maggie Heyn Richardson, 225 features writer