Fast Break: Lunch from Fresh Junkie’s new location downtown

The most recent addition to the downtown food scene is something familiar to fans of its Main Street Market stall. Patrick Fellows opened a brick-and-mortar version of Fresh Junkie over the summer in a prime location along North Boulevard’s Town Square.

The shop offers plenty of fresh salads and wraps, including the popular Brickhouse with grilled asparagus, edamame, grape tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and their signature dressing. On a recent visit, we opted for the Thai salad with grilled chicken ($9). Featuring plenty of mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers, red bell peppers, chopped snow peas and sprinkled with cilantro—all crammed into a deep container—this salad is enough to divide across two meals or share with a coworker. The addition of chopped grilled chicken brought a flavorful helping of protein to the mix. We asked for the spicy peanut dressing that comes with the salad on the side, which is a good suggestion—you never know if a server might get too generous with the dressing, leaving you with a soggy mess.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to eat, you can “freestyle” your own salad or wrap with up to four toppings, cheese and a dressing.

While Fresh Junkie doesn’t have seating for dining in, it provides an easy and healthy option for downtown professionals or visitors to take with them. Once the weather cools off, it will be hard to resist taking one of their salads to a park bench across the street in Town Square and enjoying an outdoor lunch far away from your cubicle. —Benjamin Leger