Fast break: The Ambrosia Bakery

Baton Rougeans know all too well about the bevy of baked goods they can enjoy at The Ambrosia Bakery. When one enters the Siegen Lane shop, the display case is lit up with eclairs, cheesecakes and enough sugary goodness to make you feel like a kid window-shopping at the local toy store before Christmas.

On the deli side, the bakery has garnered a reputation for its burgers, wraps and sandwiches. One new item for the deli is the pulled pork sandwich. Served with chips or a fruit cup, the sandwich comes on an Ambrosia bun—puffy and soft on the outside and just a little, buttery crispness on the inside. The pork is covered with Jay D’s Louisiana Barbecue sauce and coleslaw.

With a big portion of pork, the sandwich nearly falls apart, and the bottom bun gets soggy quickly. However, it is flavorful with an itsy-bitsy kick of spice to complement the coleslaw crunch and hearty pork.

At $7.49, the sandwich is comparable, if not cheaper, than other barbecue sandwich joints in town. It also didn’t hurt that after the sandwich I could go back to sugary window-shopping.

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