What to do with those farmers market peaches? Try making hand pies

Peaches scream summer, and what better way to enjoy them than in a handheld, personal pie? Think: the kind that you’ve been waiting for with the return of New Orleans Hubig’s, or one of those decadent fried pies from the Varsity in Atlanta.

We have an at-home version for you. This easy summer turnover dreamt up by 225 features writer Maggie Heyn Richardson takes advantage of fresh peaches from north Louisiana, in good supply at the Red Stick Farmers Market and at many area grocery stores this summer.

You can make it with or without blueberries, and jazz it up with fresh grated ginger or cinnamon. But, make it soon, because the window for fresh peaches is, sadly, far too short. Read on for the full recipe from a July 2015 edition of 225 Dine.

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