Delicious sheet pan dinners for when you’ve run out of at-home cooking ideas

Sheet pan dinners have become a hot trend because they’re a revision of easy, one-dish cooking. Toss your favorite combination of fresh vegetables and a protein on a heavy sheet pan and pop it in the oven until done.

Now that we’re spending a lot more time at home, they are also a great and easy way to put together dinner with minimal prep and easy clean-up. What’s really cool about them is that rather than slow-cooking or braising, you roast your ingredients on a high temperature, achieving deep flavor, notable texture and beautiful color.

225 food writer Maggie Heyn Richardson is a big fan of the cooking method, and she offered up some quick tips and an easy recipe for sheet pan dinner with chicken thighs, summer squash and potatoes.

The story originally appeared in an April 2017 edition of 225 Dine. Read it here.

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