New coffee subscription brand Curate Coffee + Art aims to fuel creatives at their front door

There are many pairings in life that go seamlessly together, but do not necessarily relate: chicken and waffles, a tiger and the state of Louisiana, a nap and a rainy day.

For Nick Miner, this dynamic duo is coffee and art. 

The concept of coffee and art makes sense, as it seems every local coffee shop is highlighting pieces of art. So with Miner’s new passion project, Curate Coffee + Art—co-founded with Katie Miner—he aims to bring the vibe of a coffee shop to customers’ front doors. 

Curate Coffee + Art
Co-founders Nick and Katie Miner. Courtesy Curate Coffee + Art.

“Coffee is an integral part of being a creative,” Miner says. “For me personally, coffee is a comfort beverage; it gets me in the right mindset.”

Shipping twice a month all across the country, each Curate Coffee + Art box comprises a premium roasted coffee and an exclusive art print for $25 a month. The prints feature the work of the highlighted artist, graphic designer and/or illustrator of the month. And the coffee highlights Louisiana roasters like Reve Coffee Roasters, Mammoth Coffee Co. and LUMA Coffee Roasters. 

“Louisiana has these gems of coffee roasters that aren’t well-known outside of our region,” Miner says. “This is a great way to show the quality of coffee that Louisiana has.”

Featured artists are currently nationwide, and Miner says he plans to include coffee roasters outside Louisiana down the road.

Miner worked for several companies before creating Curate Coffee, expanding their brands and images through creative advertising. Fueled by his passion for coffee and art, Miner says it is time for him to work on a project for himself. 

“I really enjoy the creative industry, and I’m really passionate about coffee,” Miner says. “Curate was an opportunity to meld those two worlds together.”

Miner also says art is crucial in the busy, modern world. He says people ought to use art as their creative outlet to let their imaginations run.

Curate Coffee + Art
Curate features Louisiana roasters like Reve Coffee Roasters, Mammoth Coffee Co. and LUMA Coffee Roasters. Courtesy Curate Coffee + Art.

“Art has many different forms; but everyone should let their personalities out and let their emotions shine through art,” Miner says.

Igniting that creative spark is the main objective for Curate. Combining the comfort and caffeine of coffee with the beautiful pieces of art that come in each box, every shipment is designed to allow each customer to find their own creative capabilities.

“Our main goal is to fuel creative people,” Miner says. “The whole idea behind Curate was to send someone inspiration in the form of an art print and to fuel them for their next creative endeavor.”

Curate also has a print-only option for customers who do not drink coffee. To learn more, visit joincurate.com.