Cool off with this chilled cucumber soup recipe

Chilled soups done right can be the perfect remedy for a long, hot, steamy Louisiana summer. 225 food writer Maggie Heyn Richardson is a big fan of gazpacho and vichyssoise, and thinks chilled pea soup with mint is one of the greatest dishes ever invented—especially if you can find fresh peas. Cucumber soup can also be delicious and refreshing, as long as it’s packed with punchy ingredients that elevate cucumber’s mild flavor profile.

Maggie had been on the hunt for a good cucumber soup, but admittedly, was often disappointed in her own creations as well as the recipes of others. She found one from Andrew Zimmern’s Food & Wine column, “Kitchen Adventures,” that’s really nice. It’s got a thick and chunky consistency like gazpacho, nice tang from Greek yogurt and sweet floral flavor from herbs.

She substituted its European (English) cucumbers for local ones, and added a splash of vinegar at the end to bring a touch more assertiveness.

Read on for the adapted recipe, which originally appeared in a July 2017 edition of 225 Dine.