Is Chelsea’s coming back? ‘Chelsea’s Live’ music venue looks to occupy 1010 Nic space

Chelsea’s, the once-popular Perkins Road overpass area restaurant and live music space that shuttered in late 2015, could be returning to Baton Rouge as a bar and live music venue at a new location.

Domain Architecture has applied for an expedited commercial plan review permit to convert a 7,657-square-foot mercantile space at 1010 Nicholson Drive, also known as 1010 Nic, into “an assembly space to house a bar and live music venue.” The application—which also calls for the construction of new walls for bathrooms, offices and custom millwork bars—was filed under the moniker “Chelsea’s Live.”

Dave Remmetter, who owned Chelsea’s for many years, declined to comment on his plans for the Nicholson space, other than to say that project details have not yet been finalized.

But even after closing Chelsea’s nearly six years ago, Remmetter said he planned to keep the rights to the name of the restaurant, which his parents had founded in the late 1980s before he took over the establishment in the 1990s, relocating it from West State Street to the Perkins Road overpass area in 2006.

The permit application also comes a few months after Shannon Smith, who owns the Nicholson property, and Joey Wild, who owns Domain Architecture, filed a rezoning application for the site, which they wanted to rezone from “commercial alcoholic beverage (restaurant)” to “commercial alcoholic beverage (bar and lounge)” in order to accommodate a “bar, lounge and live music venue.” At the time, Smith and Wild declined to disclose the potential tenant.

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