Check out the rainbow of salsa options at Baton Rouge restaurants

There are few things more magical than restaurant salsa. It’s complimentary; it’s endless; it’s the perfect beginning to a meal of tamales, enchiladas or pupusas. But like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two salsas are exactly the same.

What would it look like, the 225 team wondered, if we gathered a sampling of salsas from 10 different restaurants all over town and lined them up? Which would be the thickest, the reddest, the creamiest? If we eat with our eyes first, maybe the best way to start finding your favorite restaurant salsa is with a visual lineup.

We tried this experiment out in the July 2018 issue of 225, and while some of the restaurants are unfortunately not around anymore, it’s still a good reminder of the variety we have in Baton Rouge. We’re still thinking about our favorite salsas today.

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