Cafeciteaux looks to bring quality coffee to B.R.

Locals Christopher Peneguy and Stevie Guillory have been home-roasting coffee beans for a few years now. After surprising themselves with the results, they started eyeing the Baton Rouge market.
“You couldn’t buy what we were making,” Peneguy says. “It made sense to try to launch our company and see what happens.”

Earlier this month, Peneguy and Guillory’s Cafeciteaux line of coffee beans landed in Calandro’s and Alexander’s Highland Market. At the latter site, they will be hosting a tasting Saturday at 9:30 a.m. The beans are 100% Arabica and currently come in two flavors—a mellow and sweet Guatemalan flavor and a bold, chocolaty Ethiopian flavor.

Rather than just introduce Baton Rouge, Lafayette and New Orleans to their product, they’d also like to “educate the consumer on what quality coffee should taste like,” Peneguy says, and “trying to change the mold and perception of who should enjoy quality coffee.”

Peneguy and Guillory are starting small. In the coming months, Peneguy says, Cafeciteaux will eye cafés along the Interstate 10 corridor to carry their beans. The biggest challenge now is just finding time for their new enterprise.

“We both work full-time,” Peneguy says. “I’m a CPA, and [Guillory] is a physician’s assistant. It’s been pretty smooth so far with word-of-mouth response here and there. Right now, we’re looking to see if people here are looking for the same quality coffee that we enjoy.” —Matthew Sigur