Which Baton Rouge restaurants are on TikTok? A few to follow on the app

TikTok sets the trends for popular songs and dance routines, but did you know it also influences the Baton Rouge foodie scene?

Many local restaurant owners have jumped on the bandwagon and used the video-sharing app that’s wildly popular with Gen Z to market their products. Here are some local accounts to follow.

What other local restaurants are active on the app? Tell us at [email protected].

Willie’s Restaurant 

Willie’s Restaurant posted its first TikTok video in December 2020 and has steadily grown a following. The Cajun and Creole restaurant showcases unique seafood dishes and eye-catching craft cocktails in its videos. 

Willie’s Restaurant is at 11260 Coursey Blvd. Check out the videos at @williesbr

Lit Pizza

One of the platform’s newest local restaurant users is Lit Pizza. The official @litpizza225 account posted its first video at the beginning of July, but has been on a roll of creating content to showcase the fast-casual restaurant’s cheesy pies ever since. 

Lit Pizza has locations all over the Capital City. Find it on Corporate Boulevard, Burbank Drive and Bluebonnet Boulevard. 

Hive Pizza 

TikTok is the perfect platform to show audiences the pizza-baking process, so Hive Pizza at 6166 Siegen Lane took the opportunity to join the app in February.

The restaurant’s first video, which allowed viewers to see the unique decor of the new establishment, gained more than 100 likes. 

You can watch more content at @hivepizza


The Mid City favorite for burgers, Curbside has used the app to post more than a dozen videos since the account’s creation in February.

Many of the videos feature employees either making food or using the downtime on their shifts to advertise upcoming events. 

Curbside is at 4158 Government St. Follow the restaurant on TikTok @curbsideburgers.

Mid Tap

Mid Tap posted its first TikTok video in December, with audio from Saweetie’s viral song, “Tap In,” playing in the background. Since then, owner Rick Patel says customers have been asking to participate in upcoming videos. 

The self-service tap room found that TikTok was the perfect way to reach the younger generation. You can follow Mid Tap at @midtapbr (its bio also contains lyrics from Saweetie’s iconic song). 

Raising Canes

Before building more than 570 locations, the fried chicken fast food chain’s original home was on Highland Road in Baton Rouge. Now, it is also a smash hit on TikTok (@raising.canes) with status as a “verified” user and more than 401.5K followers.

Videos often feature the restaurant’s namesake mascot or customers dancing with excitement after eating box combos.

Zippy’s Burritos, Tacos & More 

The popular Baton Rouge Mexican food joint is known for more than just its burritos. It’s also recognized by its clever marquee signs, which display things like, “you guac my world” or LSU-themed jokes during football season.

The restaurant’s sense of humor translates well over TikTok (@zippysburritos), where videos star employees adapting popular audio clips to create unique Zippy’s-themed memes.

Crumbl Cookies 

Crumbl Cookies originated in Utah but already had its fair share of Louisianian fans by the time it opened its first Baton Rouge location at Siegen Lane earlier this summer. 

 The “viral TikTok bakery” became a sensation after popular users posted videos sampling the shop’s weekly rotating lineup of cookies and rating them on a scale from 1 to 10. The company’s main account, @crumblcookies, has more than 1.6 million followers. Baton Rouge content creators were quick to jump on board with videos rating the cookies after the location’s grand opening June 24. 

Look up @crumblcookies along with the hashtag #batonrouge to check out the selection at the new location.