Baton Rouge pumpkin pie alternatives to put a twist on classic Thanksgiving desserts

There comes a point in Thanksgiving dinner when all eyes turn toward the one thing to close out the meal: the pie. At Thanksgiving, that’s usually a pumpkin pie.

But usually at this point of the year, most of us are tapped out on the pumpkin-flavored everything trend. It’s in everything from our coffee to cookies and ice cream. Fortunately, Baton Rouge restaurants and bakeries know this. And they’ve populated their holiday catering menus with enough delicious alternatives to help you change things up for Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving meals. Read on for some ideas, and start placing your orders now—with supplies limited at many local businesses, these pies might go fast.

Editor’s note: This story originally published in November 2019 but has been updated for November 2021. Check with each business for the most up-to-date menus. What local pies are you placing on the table this year? Tell us at [email protected]!

Elsie’s Plate & Pie’s Coconut Cream Pie 

The Coconut Cream Pie from Elsie’s Plate & Pie is fluffy and delicious. With everyone full from a heavy meal, it will provide a nice contrast. 

Tredici Bakery’s Cranberry Orange Pie 

Tredici Bakery’s Cranberry Orange Pie will provide bright flavors for your guests while perfectly embodying fall. It’s a bright and citrusy dessert to snap everyone out of the post-turkey lethargy.

The Ambrosia Bakery’s Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie 

The Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie from The Ambrosia Bakery is the perfect blend of sweet and nutty. With a great crust and a denser filling, it’s guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. 

Blue Rose Cafe & Bakery signature Chocolate Fudge Cream Pie

The Blue Rose Cafe & Bakery signature Chocolate Fudge Cream Pie caters to the chocolate lovers and is big enough to serve a party of 12. 

Our Mom’s Restaurant & Bar Milky Way Pie

The Milky Way Pie is basically candy in pie form. Whip out an out-of-the-galaxy good dessert for your guests. 

City Pork’s catering pie options

The pie bar at City Pork has a ton of options. Pick from Coconut Cream, Strawberry, Lemon Chess, Bourbon Pecan and others. 

Les Amis Bake Shoppe’s Red Velvet Brownies

OK, this one isn’t a pie. But Les Amis Bake Shoppe’s Red Velvet Brownies are fun, tasty and capitalize on everyone’s love of red velvet. Pick up a few dozen squares, set them on a plate, and your Thanksgiving dessert work is done.

BRQ’s Carrot Cake

BRQ Seafood and Barbecue‘s catering menu doesn’t skimp on dessert options, and its famous and famously big carrot cake is a go-to for feeding a hungry crowd. While it may not by in pie form, it’s got those sweet, cinnamony autumn flavors that will work well with your Turkey Day spread.

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